The Quest to Go Beyond the Travel Insurance Policy

FocusPoint created Care & Assistance Plus (CAP) to cover the gaps in insurance. While most travel insurance company policies provide support after a crisis, they don’t do much to help when one is actually happening (and they certainly don’t help when there’s a threat of something happening). Why? Very simply, it’s not who they are. Travel insurance company teams are primarily composed of the people sitting behind the desks – such as adjustors, administrators, and legal roles. Our composition is VERY different.

FocusPoint is composed of an elite global team of medical, security, legal, and crisis response experts. We have doctors, paramedics, and highly-skilled, combat-tested, former military special ops and federal law enforcement personnel that are available 24/7 to provide immediate, live support. We don’t wait until after the fact, and we don’t need you to file paperwork. When there’s a crisis, we’ll help every step of the way, getting you to safety, or home, fast.

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Did You Know?

CAP products and services are sometimes integrated into the protection plans of leading travel insurance company providers so they can offer the comprehensive coverage their customers deserve. 

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