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Fall Friendly LGBTQ+ Travel Destinations

LGBTQ+ Travel Destinations That Bring Together, Culture, History, and Fun The travel season isn’t over yet. Fall is one of the best times to travel with discounted rates and accommodations that anyone should be looking to take advantage of. It’s time to skip the beach and take in some fall colors and events that are […]

Does Travel Insurance Address the Complications That Arise as an LGBTQ+ Traveler?

Travel Insurance and the LGBTQ+ Traveler, Look Beyond the Fine Print Travel insurance provides many valuable offerings that LGBTQ+ travelers can benefit from. Traditional travel insurance often addresses lost luggage and canceled trips, and many tourists and corporate travelers are satisfied with what travel insurance can offer. Truthfully though, many LGBTQ+ tourists are subject to […]

Canada a Safe Haven For LGBTQ+ Travelers

Safe Haven For LGBTQ+ Travelers: Book a Weekend Getaway – Perfect for Americans With the recent news that fully vaccinated Americans can enter Canada, many LGBTQ+ travelers should begin planning their fall trips to the great white north. As one of the most welcoming places in the world, Canada is an incredibly diverse and multicultural […]

5 Tips to Avoid Conflict as an LGBTQ+ Traveler

LGBTQ+ Travelers Unfortunately Face Unique Challenges, But Shouldn’t Live in Fear Many LGBTQ+ travelers face the harsh truth that certain destinations around the world are unfriendly to the community. While many places in North America welcome them with open arms, several destinations lean towards more outdated and heteronormative standards. The LGBTQ+ community should be aware […]

What to Do in the Event of an Active Shooter

  RECOMMENDATIONS In the event of an active shooter: Attempt to evacuate the premises if there is an accessible escape path. Leave your belongings behind. Prevent individuals from entering an area where the active shooter may be. Follow the instructions of any police officers. Find a place to hide if evacuation is not possible. Be out of the active shooter’s […]

Safety Recommendations for a Flood

BEFORE A FLOOD:  Build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan. Inquire with the local officials or your lodging managers where the nearby flood-prone or high-risk areas are. Ask about official flood warning signals and what to do when you hear them. If in an area prone to flooding, be prepared to evacuate. […]

Seeking Out Pet-Friendly Accommodations Made Easy

Pet-Friendly Accommodations: Tips for Pet Owners Who Love to Travel Sometimes it’s hard to leave your favorite four-legged friend behind for a vacation. Many travel providers understand these hardships and are responding by offering accommodations that allow you to enjoy your next trip alongside your best friend. Pet-friendly accommodations are the latest trend in travel, […]

LGBTQ+ Travel Across the United Kingdom

Acceptance is at the Core of LGBTQ+ Travel in the United Kingdom LGBTQ+ travel options across the United Kingdom have drawn thousands of tourists across the world for so much more than a cup of tea. The UK offers so much in terms of culture, history, sights, dining, and nightlife, and LGBTQ+ travelers will be […]

10 Street Smart Safety Tips For LGBTQ+ Travelers

How LGBTQ+ Travelers Can Avoid Danger During Their Next International Adventure LGBTQ+ travel comes with inherent risks as some local laws and customs may not accept people from different walks of life. Regardless of your sexuality or gender identity, you deserve to experience travel just as any other person. But you should be aware that […]

Emergency Steps to Follow During Volcanic Eruptions

RECOMMENDATIONS IF YOU ARE UNDER A VOLCANO WARNING: Listen for emergency information and alerts. Follow evacuation or shelter orders. If advised to evacuate, then do so early. Avoid areas downstream of the eruption. Protect yourself from falling ash. Do not drive in heavy ashfall. Cloth masks help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but they will […]