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Transgender Travel Safety Tips: Travel with Confidence Across the World

Transgender Travel Risks and Challenges: Plan Ahead Traveling as a transgender person comes with unique challenges that most would never experience. Something as simple as checking in for a flight or heading through airport security can be a highly uncomfortable experience for a transgender traveler. Simple airport screening could result in many questions and awkward […]

The Complications of LGBTQ+ Corporate Travel and Duty of Care Obligations

LGBTQ+ Corporate Travel: an Ongoing and Evolving Challenge for Many Corporations Corporate travel across the globe is expected to surge throughout the tail end of summer and into fall. As businesses prepare to get back to normalcy as it relates to corporate travel, many experts are suggesting that there is still much work to be […]

LGBTQ+ Travelers Might Be Celebrating the Return to Travel Well Beyond Summer

Leisure and LGBTQ+ Travel Offerings Expand to Meet Surging Demand LGBTQ+ travelers are expected to be the trendsetters this summer season, blending work and play into what might feel like an endless summer vacation. Pent-up demand for leisure travel along with a slew of deals and opportunities is shaping 2021 into a perfect storm for […]

Simple LGBTQ+ Travel Safety Tips for Any Same-Sex Couple

LGBTQ+ Travel Safety Tips Gay travelers have undoubtedly experienced some unpleasant moments when traveling or vacationing. Being an openly gay person or traveling as a same-sex couple can be frowned upon by locals in certain communities, drawing unwanted attention or, much worse, actual assault. For any gay or lesbian traveler, use these LGBTQ+ travel safety […]

Real Places in the World Where LGBTQ+ Travelers Can Face Criminal Charges

LGBTQ+ Travel Safety: Destinations to Avoid for Same-Sex Couples, Gay, and Lesbian Travelers Many exotic travel destinations around the world come with unexpected challenges for LGBTQ+ travelers. While much of North America and Europe have adopted a more progressive approach to gay, lesbian, and LGBTQ+ rights, there are still places in the world that have […]

Female Empowerment the Latest Trend in Luxury Travel

Women Continue to Lead the Charge in Solo Luxury Travel This Summer Solo travel is an incredible experience that offers endless learning opportunities. Whether it’s acquainting yourself with a new culture, navigating a complicated subway system in a foreign country, or making new friends from across the world, the rewards of adventuring on your own […]