Protect What Really Matters with Plans Designed for All Types of Travel

The CAP™ Plan is a great way to get the most out of your travel experience, regardless of the destination or type of travel you wish to pursue.

Families with children, organized travel groups, those with special medical requirements and travelers flying solo, all stand to gain from a plan that offers worldwide medical, security and travel concierge benefits that include emergency response and evacuation services for mishaps like natural disasters, terrorism, crime, political unrest, and even pandemic outbreaks.

CAP™ Plans are available to all travelers, worldwide, and can be purchased as a single trip plan or annual unlimited trip plan. And with so many affordable options to choose from, including the comprehensive CAP+MED™ Plan that comes with standard private air ambulance and specialized medical transportation benefits, you can embrace the journey ahead, knowing that CAP™ has your back when it matters most.

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Vacation Travel

CAP™ Plans can help you protect friends, family members, and loved ones when it matters most while ensuring your vacation plans go-off without a hitch.

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Hill station
Male and female backpacker

Adventure Travel

CAP™ Plans can help you experience adventure travel your way, worldwide, so you can enjoy the freedom you deserve without the fear of being left stranded or without emergency support because of a travel mishap.

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LGBTQ community
Two women from the LGBTQ community

LGBTQ Travel

CAP™ Plans offer dedicated travel security, custom travel resources, and 24/7 emergency support, specifically for the needs of travelers in the LGBTQ community.

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