1) What is CAP™?

CAP™ is an international travel assistance plan that includes travel medical, travel security, and travel concierge benefits that are not typically available in most traditional travel insurance policies.

2) Is CAP™ a travel insurance plan?

CAP™ is not a travel insurance plan. CAP™ is a travel assistance plan. There are no claim forms, no subrogation, no deductible, or necessary reimbursements required. Unlike travel insurance, if something goes wrong and you need medical or security assistance during your trip, including evacuation support, we cover your costs and pay the travel assistance bills upfront, so you don’t have to.

3) If I have travel insurance, why do I need CAP™?

Traditional travel insurance plans require a loss before benefits can be realized. CAP™ offers travel medical benefits, travel security benefits, travel concierge benefits, and comprehensive emergency response before a loss occurs. CAP™ can be used as a standalone travel assistance plan or complement your existing travel insurance policy by filling the gaps in coverage, which would cost you extra or not be covered at all.

4) How expensive is a CAP™ Plan?

CAP™ was designed to be affordable and provide more value to travelers compared to other products in the travel insurance market. Each CAP™ customer has access to premium travel concierge services that come standard with each CAP™ plan. Additionally, there are no premiums or deductibles with CAP™. The cost of each CAP™ plan is based on the length of your trip and/or destination(s) you intend to visit. Complimentary quotes are available 24/7 on the CAP™ website.

5) How do I purchase CAP™?

CAP™ can be conveniently purchased online with a few quick and easy steps. Simply select when you’re leaving, where you’re going, add your contact details and checkout. You’ll receive an email with your purchase confirmation details, and your CAP™ Card with a unique customer ID, including the number to our emergency response hotline.

6) How does it work if I need emergency assistance during my trip?

During an emergency, or even if you feel unsafe, you have unlimited access to our international team of travel medical, security and crisis response specialists who will provide expert advice and/or coordinate in-country emergency response and assistance services that include but are not limited to repatriation, evacuation, and transportation support. Depending on the nature of your emergency, you have the option to continue your trip once the mishap is resolved or evacuate back home for further treatment or recovery. Transportation escorts, arrangements for travel accommodations, and assistance benefits for dependents and travel companions are also included in select plans.

7) Who is FocusPoint International?

FocusPoint International (FocusPoint) a global risk consultancy that specializes in the full provision of journey management, travel assistance solutions, crisis management, emergency response, strategic consulting, and investigation services. CAP™ Travel Assistance is a FocusPoint International product.