See What our Customers are Saying About CAP™

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"With everything you hear on the news related to terrorism, medical mishaps, and criminal violence, I bought a CAP Membership for my parents in case the unthinkable were to happen on their trip. So glad I did!"

— E. Massey (discussing the gift purchase for her parents)

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"We weren't really paying attention to the news or anything when we were alerted to the hurricane, and it looked like it may come straight for us. That's when we called the CAP number, and within twelve hours the CAP agent had us on a flight back home before airports were being closed down."

— D. Mertz (discussing natural disaster response)

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"I called the CAP response center and told them something crazy has happened and I don't know what to do. The next thing I know, the CAP agent had arranged to change my son's location to another safer hotel, they gave him a meal, and then transported him to the airport for a flight home they had arranged."

— M. Guzman (discussing the gift purchase for her parents)

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"It's good to receive alerts when traveling."

— Doris Clarke

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"I am extremely pleased with the service we received: the nurses, the pilots, and especially the CAP crisis response agent. It was an extremely stressful experience and we were so grateful the assistance service got us home safely."

— Dr. Charles Darby

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"Nothing is greater than having peace of mind when you are in a different country with your family."

— Elaina Bahm, Bao Institute

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"CAP is supportive and capable of helping in even the most difficult of circumstances"

— Kathryn Adams, Lide Haiti

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"It is a great service and very affordable. I have already recommended your services to others."

— Jenna DeLay

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"CAP provided me peace of mind during my vacation"

— Laura Hartman

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"In the climate we currently operate in, you need coverage when travel, there is always going to be the ‘unknown' instance you may encounter."

— Paul Richardson

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"It was great to get information via email overseas about things that may effect our trip."

— Sarah Duffy