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    COVID-19 Travel Medical and Security Protection Plan Building Confidence and Trust to Travel Again

Complying with the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19, entry requirements when travelling abroad can be a hassle. Traveling with CAP is hassle free, and comes standard with amazing COVID-19 benefits to address specific incidents that impact even the most prepared travelers.

We’ve created a COVID-19 centric travel medical and security assistance plan. Key benefits include mandatory COVID-19 quarantine expense coverage for up to 14 days, and hospital-to-hospital transfer back to your country of origin for those that become hospitalized due to COVID-19 during a qualifying period of travel.

Travel insurance alone is just not good enough during a pandemic. CAP fills gaps in both travel accident policies and traditional travel medical insurance, so you get the help you need when you need it most, without having to pay costly deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses. 

Besides looking out for you while navigating travel during a global pandemic, our round-the-clock, 24/7 plan also responds to natural disasters, political unrest (think riots and social unrest), or something far more serious (like terrorist threats, wrongful detention, or violent crimes). We’ll be there (in person, if needed) to resolve the crisis at hand and get you to safety.

With CAP, you can travel fearlessly. The flat-fee COVID-19 Travel Medical & Security Assistance Plan gives international travelers all this and more, with round-the-clock, 24/7 access to emergency medical and security assistance.

Did You Know?

Your plan includes 24/7 unlimited live help through the CAP Advantage App (with access to a vetted network of medical, dental and legal resources). Our 24-hour telehealth services, with multilingual healthcare experts give you on-demand advice for COVID-19 travel entry restrictions and requirements, and other destination-based health, safety and security information.

The Best Covid-19 Travel Medical &
Security Protection Plan

For international vacation travelers of all ages

CAP Includes:

  • COVID-19 hospital-to-hospital transfers
  • Mandatory quarantine expenses
  • No-cost medical and security evacuation services
  • Repatriation services to your origin country, if needed
  • Referrals to medical and legal experts (hospitals too)
  • One-touch emergency assistance
  • Prescription and medicine advice and assistance
  • 24/7 unlimited live help through the CAP Advantage App (with access to local medical and security rescue operatives, if needed)
  • Vehicle return for those requiring immediate evacuation back to their country of origin due to medical emergencies or security incidents
  • Destination-based health, safety and security information
  • Support if you lose luggage or important papers like passports or visas
  • Access to language interpreters

And so much more…

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Face MaskCOVID-19 Travel Medical & Security Assistance Plan

Plan at-a-Glance

  • Medical and security protection plan for travelers, loved ones, friends and other large groups that frequently travel internationally during the era of COVID-19
  • For short-term or long-term international trips from your home country to multiple destinations – for as little as a few days, or as much as a year
  • Extremely affordable flat-fee, with no time-consuming claims processes or out-of-pocket deductible expenses
  • Includes pre-existing conditions and high-risk areas
  • Cancel for any reason. Plans change, which is why our money-back cancellation policy allows you to cancel your protection anytime before you travel

Key Plan Features You’ll Love

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Real-Time Travel Intelligence with
CAP Advantage App

We provide pre-travel advisories, COVID-19 travel restrictions and entry requirement updates, incident monitoring and real-time alerts, country and city risk reports, location-based mapping with risk ratings, a one-touch “HELP” with in-app messaging , access to interpreters , help with lost luggage, passports or visas, and more.

Learn More

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24/7 Medical &
Security Assistance

We can help you find the medical care you need, including prescription advice, referring you to doctors and dentists, and arranging a guarantee of payment if needed. We handle emergency medical evacuations, including ground transportation and air medical repatriations back to your home country, if needed. And our elite security team is on call whenever you need them to provide advice or assist in getting you to a temporary or terminal safe haven when required.

Why Do I Need the COVID-19 Travel
Medical & Security Assistance Plan?

Here are the top reasons you need CAP

Did You Know?

If you’re traveling four (4) months or more, or frequently throughout the year, you’ll want to enroll in our year-long plan (which is the most popular and best value, at less than a dollar a day).

Your Travel Medical Insurance Just Won’t Cut It During a Global Pandemic

While your travel insurance policy may have limited medical coverage, even for international travel, most don’t cover COVID-19. Sudden travel bans and unexpected quarantines can completely derail your trip, postpone your travel home, and be very costly. 

The CAP COVID-19 Travel Medical & Security Assistance Plan fills in the gaps of your traditional travel insurance policy. It covers COVID-19 mandatory quarantine expenses and hospital-to-hospital transfers (to get you home), as well as medical evacuation and repatriation for other types of injuries and illnesses resulting in hospitalization during a qualifying period of travel. 

If you contract COVID-19 while traveling abroad and become hospitalized as a result, we will bring you home. This includes coordinating with the treating physicians, finding a bed for you at a home hospital in your country of origin and transporting you back safely to a home hospital for continued care. Our goal is to get you home, safe – and we’ll spare no expense to do it. The best part? It’s a flat-fee plan, so you won’t pay a dime out of pocket. 

Should something tragic happen, CAP also includes the repatriation of mortal remains, which means covering all the necessary expenses and government authorizations to transport the remains of a loved one back home.

Did You Know?

The COVID-19 Travel Medical & Security Assistance Plan is an unprecedented value for those traveling often and abroad. Our medical, security, intelligence and crisis management services are the trusted choice for some of the world’s largest organizations, iconic brands, and avid travelers.

You Need Security Protection

In today’s world, there’s no question that traveling internationally during a global pandemic requires protection. Your business travel insurance won’t protect you when something serious happens during a leisure trip – there’s no travel security assistance.

The COVID-19 Travel Medical & Security Assistance Plan includes one-touch emergency assistance, giving you immediate access to an elite team of highly trained, experienced operatives.

Our crisis response centers are staffed by a highly trained, experienced team of medical and security personnel, including COVID-19 specialists, trauma physicians, nurses, paramedics, former military special ops and federal law enforcement agents.

The best part? The COVID-19 Travel Medical & Security Assistance Plan is a flat-rate, so you don’t pay anything extra.

Did You Know?

Standard travel insurance typically won’t cover incidents related to contracting the COVID-19 disease, such as medical evacuations, repatriation, quarantine expenses, etc. When you have CAP, these expenses are covered.

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We’ll Get You Home – With Your Things

When it’s time to go home, the last thing you want is for your trip to be delayed or canceled due to Coronavirus (that results in your being quarantined or hospitalized), or perhaps a natural disaster, political unrest, or other unforeseen events. 

With the COVID-19 Travel Medical & Security Assistance Plan, you can have every confidence that we’ll take care of you throughout your trip.  

Included in your plan is the CAP Advantage App, which provides one-touch emergency assistance, traveler tracking, itinerary management tools and real-time health, and safety and security updates and alerts – helping you steer clear of country shutdowns and other travel restrictions. 

Should a travel security problem arise, your COVID-19 Travel Medical & Security Assistance Plan includes emergency relocation, evacuation and repatriation to ensure you get home safely. 

Plus, you’ll enjoy a wealth of valuable concierge services designed to make problem resolution fast and easy, such as legal referrals and access to language interpreters. We even provide assistance if you lose important documents (like your passport or visa), and we’ll help you track down missing baggage, too.

Backed by Lloyd's Logo
Shop confidently with CAP, having assurance that we have strong financial backing and are reinsured by Lloyd’s, London (the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance marketplace), which has an AM Best rating of A (Excellent). Having full solvency and indemnity to cover all financial risk means that we have the resources to be there when you need us most – fast.

What Do International Vacation Travelers
Like You Have to Say?

With travel insurance, you’re offered plans that include benefits for natural disasters or terrorism. But, those benefits only cover the cost of your canceled trip or other financial losses incurred because of the travel issue. Problem is, if, for example, I’m at a resort overseas and a tropical storm makes landfall or an act of terrorism occurs near by, travel insurance won’t lift a finger to evacuate me from the area. And, travel insurance won’t send security specialists to help me escape if things turn really ugly! With CAP, I’m guaranteed emergency response and assistance that includes evacuation services. CAP even covers pandemics; extremely valuable considering the issues we’re dealing with now because of the Coronavirus. Further, my parents travel often. If something goes wrong at their destination, I’m powerless to help… I can’t just teleport to their location to save the day! Most I can do is call the local embassy or government… that just doesn’t work for me. This is why I get the CAP Plan for my parents whenever they travel, regardless if it’s an overseas vacation or shorter trip to the US. IMO – CAP is the new standard of travel for those who value their personal safety and well-being over the cost of a cancelled trip, or lost luggage. I highly recommend this company. The CAP Plan is essential.

— M. Septien

It is such a great program to travel with! I was worried about my upcoming trip and how with the corona-virus would affect everything. The reps provided all the information I needed and they were the friendliest people. Makes me feel good there is a team of people who are there to assist with my travels.

— S. Tmio

Hands down a fantastic plan on its own, or to compliment any travel insurance policy. CAP offers travel assistance benefits, such as responses to natural disasters, political threats, terrorism, and pandemic, which are a must for anyone traveling in today’s climate.

— J. Niedermann

I purchased CAP prior to taking the adventure of a lifetime, one that took me to the highest and lowest points of Ecuador. I climbed 20,000 foot CotiPaxi and went white water rafting in the Andes, all during the COVID-19 pandemic. CAP made the decision for adventure travel insurance easy, as it offers competitive pricing and gives you access to an immediate emergency response system with the app. And the online check-out process was easy. Thankfully, I didn’t need to be rescued, but it was great to know they were there if we needed it. The best part of CAP is that won’t have to deal with filing a claim – it’s worth buying just to avoid the aggravation of insurance!

— J. Hart

I am extremely pleased with the service we received: the nurses, the pilots, and especially the CAP crisis response agent. It was an extremely stressful experience and we were so grateful the assistance service got us home safely.

— C. Darby

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Frequently Asked Questions

CAP travel protection plans are designed to fill in the gaps that exist in international travel health insurance plans. Besides having loads of exclusions, travel insurance companies require a “loss” or qualifying event, such as “bodily harm or injury,” before they’ll consider any reimbursement.

Unlike travel insurance companies, CAP travel protection plans include threats, giving you immediate access to your benefits (i.e. medical benefits, travel security benefits, and comprehensive emergency response) before an actual “loss” or “bodily harm or injury” occurs.

With the flat-fee CAP travel protection plans, your medical and security assistance is available on demand, which means you won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket to get help, or going through a cumbersome, time-consuming claim filing and reimbursement process.

CAP travel protection plans are great as a standalone travel assistance plan or may be used to supplement your existing travel and medical insurance policies.

Yes. As long as you have the necessary information, you can purchase a CAP travel protection plan for your friends and relatives, including children, parents, and spouses.

Yes! You can cancel for any reason. Plans change, which is why our money-back cancellation policy allows you to cancel your protection any time before you travel.

Care & Assist Plus is the most affordable and comprehensive medical and security program for international travelers. Premium travel concierge services come standard, and CAP’s flat-fee, unlimited travel plans start at under a dollar a day, giving you immediate access to benefits (without service fees or deductibles). You won’t find a better deal anywhere.

When it comes to price and value, CAP protection plans are unrivaled in the travel insurance market.

Get a quote, you’ll see.

You don’t need to list a primary destination. If you’re planning a trip with multiple destinations, just let us know all the countries you’ll be visiting during your travels. Your CAP protection plan is designed to cover the entirety of your planned trip.

Summary of Benefits

We handle all the “What If’s,” so you can focus on the “What’s Next.”

What if there’s a …

Medical Emergency
Security Emergency
Pandemic (like COVID-19) / Mandatory Quarantine
Natural Disaster (or threat of one)
Violent Crime
Kidnap for Ransom
Wrongful Detention
Political Threats
(such as those caused by riots, strikes, and civil commotion)
Loss of Contact
(disappearance of persons)
Blackmail or Extortion

Does CAP protection include it?


CAP Protection Details

Protection Length
Coverage Area
Benefit Period
Trips ranging from a few days to 365 days
Corresponds to period of protection

Key CAP Plan Benefits

While some international travel medical insurance providers cover evacuation services, there are key differences between these and CAP that our customers should know about.

Since CAP is not insurance, there’s no time-consuming claim filing process for reimbursements – nor is there a copay or deductible. It’s easy. CAP customers pay their flat-fee plan upfront, and our team handles the rest. Unlike insurance plan customers, CAP customers don’t pay out of pocket for emergency evacuation assistance.

CAP customers receive advice and support before, during, and after a crisis. How does that differ from international travel medical insurance coverage?

Travel medical insurance providers give very little support (if any), when help is most desperately needed – when there’s a threat, or an emergency is actually happening.

For example, if there’s the threat of a natural disaster, pandemic, or some kind of security issue, travel medical insurance protection plans won’t provide coverage benefits until after that threat becomes a reality. (Long after – once claims are filed, expenses are submitted for reimbursement, and deductibles or service fees are paid.)

If there’s a medical emergency in a foreign country, a travel medical insurance customer will have to figure out the details. What hospital do they go to, and is it well qualified to treat the patient? How do they get there? How do they find a doctor that speaks their language? While travel medical insurance provides limited help ‘in the moment,’ CAP excels at it.

Whether a customer needs emergency evacuation services because of a natural disaster or specialized air ambulance services (with a licensed medical team), we handle it all. We guarantee access to life-saving evacuation services – and our customers pay nothing out of pocket. More importantly, we provide help right away, when customers most need us to.

CAP customers travel fearlessly because they know that, day or night, we’re there to help with valuable information, advice, and assistance.

If there’s an emergency, or even a threat of one, we provide 24/7 access to emergency response services via the CAP Advantage App.

Our Crisis Response Centers are composed of highly trained, experienced teams of multilingual medical and security personnel, including trauma physicians, nurses, paramedics, former military special ops and federal law enforcement agents. If needed, we’ll provide ‘boots on the ground’ support by sending a local team of security and crisis response assets to help or rescue CAP customers.

Altogether, there are 40,000 medical practitioners in our network, and our team consists of over 5,000 vetted medical, security, legal and crisis response personnel, including 1,200 health professionals and 200 intelligence analysts.

We have an incredible global network ready to supply emergency medical support. Besides having 2,400 medical providers and over 200 critical care flight nurses on demand for deployment, we have access to over 300 air ambulances.

To learn more about the CAP Advantage App, click here.

Medical Benefits**

International Emergency Care

CAP plans include transportation of a CAP customer from the medical facility where he or she is hospitalized and receiving medical treatment, to their home hospital of choice, when possible. The goal? To get CAP customers home, safe.

CAP plans include a wealth of valuable services for pandemics, including real-time intelligence reports, ground transportation support, emergency medical evacuation (medevac), and the costs of a CAP customer’s COVID-19 mandatory quarantine expenses (for up to 14 days).

While a handful of international travel medical insurance providers now cover pandemics like COVID-19 (including some quarantine expenses), they’re on a reimbursement basis, which means the customer has to pay out of pocket (and then go through a claims process for reimbursement of eligible expenses).

Flat-fee CAP plans don’t require a claims process, so customers are saved both from paying out of pocket and the cost of deductibles or service fees. And it’s important to note that with travel medical insurance providers, there are a lot of exclusions. For example, if there’s a COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and a customer is afraid to travel, most travel medical insurance plans deny coverage. Why? They exclude ‘fear of travel’ in the fine print.

Not so with CAP protection plans, where ‘fear of travel’ is included in our standard pandemic and COVID-19 benefits.

CAP plans include transportation from the medical facility where a CAP customer is hospitalized and receiving medical treatment (due to an injury or illness suffered during a trip) to their home hospital of choice. This includes the necessary arrangements for ground or air ambulance transportation from one hospital to the next (medevac), as well as all possible pre-admission arrangements. Also, if medically necessary, a medical escort or licensed medical team may accompany a CAP customer during the medevac.

We’ll make arrangements for ground or air ambulance transportation to and from the hospital, including pre-admission and medical escorts for ongoing medical supervision.

We’ll arrange for a family member, companion, or travel escort to accompany the CAP customer during an emergency evacuation (medevac) or a medically necessary repatriation (return home to country of residence).

During a dedicated medical air transport, CAP customers may have a traveling companion accompany them.

If a CAP customer is hospitalized or in critical condition while traveling with dependent children or a designated travel companion, we’ll arrange their return to the traveler’s country of residence.

If a CAP customer is hospitalized while traveling for more than 3 days (or is in critical condition), we’ll arrange for the accommodation and ground transfer of a family member or friend (designated by the CAP customer), so they are in easy reach of the hospital where the CAP customer is being treated.

Our multilingual staff will contact local attending medical personnel to monitor a CAP customer’s condition and keep their loved ones informed throughout the crisis (until the medical emergency is resolved).

We pay upfront for emergency transportation services, if they are covered by a CAP customer’s travel insurance policy.

If a service isn’t included by the insurer, we’ll contact the CAP customer for authorization and written approval before making any payments on their behalf.

We’ll advance the CAP customer’s on-site emergency hospital medical expenses within a reasonable timeframe (upon the satisfactory guarantee of payment from either the CAP customer or their insurance company).

CAP plan customers will be provided with detailed contact information for licensed physicians, dentists, hospitals, and clinics in the area they’re traveling – and upon request, we’ll find out the provider’s availability and even help set up appointments.

If a CAP customer is traveling and needs to fill a prescription, we’ll help coordinate the details with the doctor and locate a nearby pharmacy, so our customers get the medication they need.

We’ll assist CAP customers by coordinating communications with their insurers and/or managed care organizations. Support may include verifying policy enrollment, confirming medical benefit coverage, handling claims forms, navigating the ins and outs of multiple insurance benefits, getting a guarantee on medical payments, and more.

If you travel across an international border by automobile (whether hired or owned) and suffer from a crisis event or medical mishap that triggers a repatriation to your home country (as per the CAP rules and regulations), we will coordinate and pay to have the vehicle returned to your home country.

Security Benefits**

International Emergency Care

We provide support for CAP customers before, during, and after a natural disaster. From advice to help with transportation or an evacuation, we’ll be there – even if we need to send a rescue crisis response team to our customer’s location.

CAP customers also get access to the CAP Advantage App, which provides valuable, real-time travel risk intelligence and updates on natural disasters. To learn more about the CAP Advantage App, click here.

If a CAP customer is affected or harmed by a violent crime and needs quick medical attention or a safe place to go, our crisis response team is there to help, which includes coordinating with local law enforcement to investigate the crime and relaying messages to friends and family.

If a CAP customer is traveling and there’s a terrorism threat (or an act of terrorism) that threatens safety and well-being, our highly trained, experienced crisis response team is on call to provide immediate, expert advice and assistance.

Whether that means finding a safe shelter, supplying on-scene medical support, or organizing an evacuation – we’re prepared to get CAP customers out of even the most dangerous and unpredictable environments, safely.

If a CAP customer is not directly affected by a terrorism threat, the CAP Advantage App provides real-time travel risk intelligence about safety and security threats that can impact travel plans. To learn more about the CAP Advantage App, click here.

In many popular tourist destinations, there are corrupt law enforcement officials and culturally biased legal systems (such as against the LGBTQ+ community, ethnic minorities, religious groups, women, and others), which can result in a CAP customer being unlawfully detained or arrested. If unchecked, a situation like this can quickly deteriorate, resulting in a huge expense and significant legal problems.

If a CAP customer is unlawfully arrested or illegally detained while traveling, our experienced security team is on hand to provide immediate, expert assistance. We’ll relay emergency messages, arrange for legal referrals, and even provide local language support from our expert interpreters.

If necessary, we’ll send a professional crisis consultant to a CAP customer to provide support and work towards a safe release.

Mass protests, social unrest, and violence from riots, strikes, and civil commotion are increasingly common – almost expected. If a CAP customer is in an area where a riot breaks out, a local protest turns violent, or there’s any kind of civil or political unrest that threatens safety and well-being – expert help is in the palm of our customer’s hands. Using the CAP Advantage App, CAP customers are instantly connected with live support.

Besides being able to provide valuable intelligence about the threatening situation, our highly trained crisis response team has the know-how and experience to guide a CAP customer to safety. If necessary, we’ll even deploy a member of our security or crisis response team for an evacuation.

Along with 24/7 live support, the CAP Advantage App delivers valuable, real-time travel risk intelligence to help customers steer clear of safety and security threats altogether. To learn more about the CAP Advantage App, click here.

Traveling internationally is exciting, but as a foreigner, it can be risky. When unfamiliar with the landscape, a traveler may wander off while sightseeing and get lost – or worse, may disappear because of some kind of criminal violence.

If a CAP customer disappears while traveling, our experienced security assistance and response team will take immediate steps to notify the customer’s emergency contact and provide strategic advice. If needed, we’ll deploy a crisis response specialist to investigate the disappearance in order to help find the customer and return them to safety.

While considered ‘white-collar’ crimes, blackmail and extortion can be costly, highly stressful, and even dangerous. A CAP customer is entitled to advice and assistance if threatened with blackmail or extortion, which may include our sending in a local crisis consultant to help resolve the threat.

While there are many protections in place to guard against plane hijacking, in many countries, it is still an all too frequent occurrence with cars, boats, and other vehicles.

In the event of a hijacking, CAP customers have the support of our specialized security and crisis teams. Using your GPS coordinates through the CAP Advantage App, we’ll coordinate with local law enforcement and government officials to help resolve the hijacking crisis and aid in the safe release of a CAP customer.

Business owners, employees, vacationers, and students are all at risk for kidnapping when traveling internationally. Besides the emotional toll, there is a heavy financial burden that exceeds the ransom demand. Expenses may include the cost of hiring special negotiators, security consultants, private investigators, attorneys, and more.

Families and employers of CAP customers are entitled to specialized security advice and assistance to help avoid many of the out-of-pocket costs as well as the time-consuming hassle of sourcing expert help. If necessary, we’ll deploy local crisis teams to help resolve the incident and work towards the safe return of the CAP customer.

Concierge Services

via CAP Advantage App

A wide array of concierge, security, and medical services are delivered via the CAP Advantage App. To learn all about the CAP Advantage App, click here.

We provide CAP customers with professional language interpretation and translation services in over 300 languages. When a customer needs help to communicate something important, such as a medical condition or allergies to certain foods or medications, having an expert translator isn’t just about convenience – it can be the difference between life and death.

If something goes wrong and a CAP customer urgently needs to send a message back home, we can transmit a message to family, friends, and business associates.

Having emergency communication support with a friendly, multilingual team of travel assistance specialists is extremely useful, especially during a crisis, when communication is often challenging. In most cases, the focus is on getting to safety, not phoning loved ones. That’s where we come in – we’ll help put minds at ease back home.

Should the need arise, we provide CAP customers with referrals to vetted legal resources.

When traveling, personal information or travel documents may get lost (or even stolen). To avoid a serious travel emergency because of a lost passport, visa, or other important documents, our friendly travel assistance specialists will provide CAP customers with professional guidance and support to replace missing travel documents in a timely manner.

If a CAP customer unexpectedly passes away while traveling, we’ll arrange the necessary payment and government authorization to transport the remains home to loved ones. This service may include the cost of embalming, the required documentation, a transport container, and transportation services.

*Pricing may vary. Exclusions apply. 

**Conditions and exclusions may apply. See Service Terms & Conditions for details.

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