About Care & Assistance Plus

Care & Assistance Plus is the most affordable and comprehensive
travel medical and security program for international travelers.

Why Should I Get Care & Assistance Plus?

Travel medical insurance companies don’t always offer international plans, and when they do, they provide very little support (if any) when help is most desperately needed – when there’s a threat, or an emergency is actually happening.

That’s the CAP difference. With our international CAP plans, you’ll have 24/7 medical, security, and crisis response assistance available before, during, and after a crisis.

Also, CAP includes loads of benefits your standard travel insurance companies will exclude. For example, some travel insurance companies have protection plans that cover pandemics like COVID-19 on a reimbursement basis (which means you have to pay out of pocket and then go through a claims process for reimbursement of eligible expenses).

But if there’s a COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and you’re afraid to travel, your insurance coverage won’t help. Why? Because ‘fear of travel’ is normally excluded in the fine print. Not so with CAP protection plans, where ‘fear of travel’ is included in our standard Pandemic and COVID-19 benefits.

Travel medical insurance protection plans won’t provide coverage benefits until after that threat becomes a reality. (Long after – once claims are filed, expenses are submitted for reimbursement, and deductibles or service fees are paid.)

With CAP, you get valuable benefits from the moment your travel begins. If there’s an emergency, or even a threat of one, we provide 24/7 access to live emergency response services via the CAP Advantage App. Our expert crisis team is by your side (in-country) – with backup.

Plus, you get on-demand concierge services, such as help with prescriptions as well as referrals to the best doctors, dentists, and legal experts.

Plans are incredibly affordable, with year-long, flat-fee plans that are under a dollar a day (a fraction of what you’d pay for with a policy at standard travel insurance companies).

When we say “no-cost medical and security evacuation services,” we mean it. CAP customers pay their flat-fee plan upfront, and our team handles the rest. There are no surprises – no hidden charges, service fees, or deductibles.

There’s a beautiful simplicity in having only one low cost, upfront payment that takes care of everything you need and more.

CAP gives you a hassle-free experience with immediate access to benefits. Unlike travel insurance companies, we handle all the out-of-pocket costs for you. There’s no cumbersome, time-consuming claim filing and reimbursement process – you simply contact us and we handle it.

You’re unique, your situation is unique, so should your solution be. With CAP, you’ll get customized assistance and live support every step of the way.

With CAP, you can travel fearlessly knowing that we have the world covered. Our elite force of experienced, multilingual assets serve in over 140 countries and 600 locations worldwide.

Our team consists of 5,000 vetted medical, security, legal, and crisis response personnel, including 1,200 health professionals and 200 intelligence analysts. Plus, there are 40,000 medical practitioners in our network and 200 critical care flight nurses with access to over 300 air ambulances.

When you’re traveling in a foreign country and there’s an emergency, our international network gives you access to local, on-demand medical, security, and evacuation rescue services. We’ll get you the expert help you need, when you need it.

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