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Managing a Remote Workforce with an App

  1. Woman chewing on pencil infront of laptopCreate and Manage Expectations Draft realistic expectations and help your team understand what their tasks are, how to prioritize, and action them for everyone’s success
  2. Utilize Technology Keep your team connected with tools that enhance communication and are best suited for collaboration
  3. Ensure Daily Check-ins Utilize an app that has a remote check-in, like CAP Advantage’s one-touch check-in feature, so all remote staff can be accounted for when a face-to-face video call is not always feasible
  4. Provide Adequate Resources Make sure that all staff have high-speed internet connections, mobile devices, software, laptops, and any other tools required to perform their tasks
  5. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate One of the challenges that come with working remotely from home, given that most staff are used to being in an office with other employees, is a sense of loneliness that can set in, so be sure to communicate regularly

Laptop and coffeeIf you’d like to learn more about deploying the CAP Advantage Mobile App to support the management of a remote workforce, please contact us at [email protected]. You can also visit us online for more information via