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What to do In the Event of a Tsunami


  • First, protect yourself from an Earthquake
  • Evacuate - DO NOT wait
  • Get to high ground as far inland as possible
  • Be alert to signs of a tsunami, such as a sudden rise or draining of ocean waters
  • Listen to emergency information and alerts


  • Follow the instructions of civil defense officials and other authorities
  • Go to your predetermined outdoor meeting location
  • Assess any possible injuries to others and provide assistance if possible
  • Check the condition of your dwelling
  • If it is considered unsafe, notify the authorities and go to a temporary shelter, or stay with acquaintances or family members
  • Be careful with electrical currents, propane/natural gas lines, and sources of chemical hazards
  • Prepare for aftershocks
  • Aftershocks can occur minutes, days, or months after an earthquake
  • If you are trapped, try to get the attention of rescuers
  • If you are near an ocean, find out about the tsunami evacuation plans in your area