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What to do Before, During, and After a Typhoon

Before a Typhoon:  

  • Have a disaster plan
  • Board up windows
  • Know where all the evacuation routes are
  • Prepare a disaster supply kit for your home and car
  • Have enough food and water for at least three days, including a first aid kit
  • Have some cash handy - banks and ATMs may be temporarily closed
  • Make sure your car is filled with gasoline

During a Typhoon:  

  • Stay away from low-lying and flood-prone areas
  • Leave mobile homes and go to a shelter
  • If your home isn’t on higher ground, go to a shelter

After a Typhoon:  

  • Check for injured or trapped people without putting yourself in danger
  • Watch out for flooding, which can happen after a typhoon
  • Do not attempt to drive in flooding water
  • Stay away from standing water - it may be electrically charged from underground or downed power lines
  • Don’t drink tap water until officials say it’s safe to do so

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