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Hurricane season: having travel assistance becomes essential

Greg Pearson Headshot CAP Travel Assistance highlights the importance of contracting the policy with a company that can guarantee support at the right time

Hurricane season begins and have a travel assistance policy. To talk about this topic, we have interviewed Greg Pearson, Founder & CEO of CAP Travel Assistance. We share his responses below:

How accurate are hurricane season predictions?

I’m not a meteorologist, nor do I profess to have any specific insight into the accuracy of hurricane season predictions. However, weather industry professionals historically have been fairly accurate when it comes to predicting how many named storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes we can expect during any given season. According to data produced by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), they were only off by 2.47 storms from 2010 through 2020.

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FocusPoint is an international assistance company that delivers an integrated suite of health, security and incident response services through information, technology and people. FocusPoint’s flagship product, Care & Assistance Plus (CAP™), is the most comprehensive travel medical and security program for international travelers.