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Seeking Out Pet-Friendly Accommodations Made Easy

September 30,2021

cat hotelPet-Friendly Accommodations: Tips for Pet Owners Who Love to Travel

Sometimes it’s hard to leave your favorite four-legged friend behind for a vacation. Many travel providers understand these hardships and are responding by offering accommodations that allow you to enjoy your next trip alongside your best friend.

Pet-friendly accommodations are the latest trend in travel, as hotels bend over backward to delight not just the individual but their furry friends as well.

How to Find Pet-Friendly Accommodations

One of the simplest ways to find pet-friendly accommodations is to reach out to the local humane society. Head online to your destination’s local humane society or shelter and explore their website to see if they list any pet-friendly hotels or accommodations. These establishments are typically well-versed in local resources for pet owners. They can often point to pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and bars that don’t mind having a furry visitor.

In circumstances where this information isn’t listed online, reach out directly via email and ask for suggestions from one of the professionals working at the humane society.

dog at hotel Pet-Friendly Accommodations at Hotels

Many major hotel chains do offer pet-friendly accommodations, but not all are created equally. With some research, pet owners can find hotels that offer unique perks for those bringing along a dog. Some hotels might offer a spa experience not just for you but for your companion as well.

Seek out hotel offerings that openly welcome pets and provide concierge services that can advise on local veterinary clinics, dog-walking options, and directions to pet-friendly trails and off-leash dog parks. In some instances, hotels that are vocal about their love for dogs might even have a dedicated dog park.

Tips for Visiting Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Many pet owners are highly particular about the comfort of their pets. Follow these steps to ensure that you and your dog or pet are focused on enjoying your trip and not any complications related to travel.

Reduce your stress with these simple tips for traveling with your pet:

  • Travel can be stressful for pets, so consider bringing along a crate that is their designated space. Crates can offer a calm and secure area on long road trips and are a safer option than letting your pet roam free in the backseat.
  • Coordinate with your hotel or host on any pet rules. Some hotels may wish to inquire about your pet’s health and vaccinations, so keep any paperwork on hand in case it is required.
  • On exceptionally long trips, consider that your pet might enjoy themselves more with a friend or family member. The nature of travel comes with plenty of complications, and some international travel destinations are just not be suited for pets. In these cases where the risks outweigh the rewards, consider a luxury pet hotel or a stay with another pet owner.
  • Prepare for the worst-case scenario, including some unpleasant “digestive situations.” Travel can induce a lot of stress in pets, and the unfortunate outcome may be an upset stomach. On long trips, it might be best to reduce your pet’s food intake for the day, so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises halfway through the trip.
  • Dehydration is common when traveling. Take breaks during long trips and have a water source available for your pet so they can hydrate as needed.
  • There is no place like home, so attempt to make your hotel room as “home-like” as possible. Bring your pet’s toys and bed that they are familiar with to ease their stress levels as much as possible.
  • Familiarize your pet with its surroundings. Upon arrival at your accommodations, spend some time in the room with your Later, leave the room and come back several times. Show your pet that you will return, and then take them for a stroll throughout the hotel to make them more comfortable with their surroundings.

Dog HikePet-Friendly Accommodations and International Travel with CAP

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