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Travel Insurance Benefits May Not Be Enough During The COVID Outbreak

Asian Raft8 Travel Assistance Benefits You Can Access During The Coronavirus Outbreak

CAP benefits associated with responding to and supporting customers impacted by the Coronavirus include:

  1. Destination-based travel risk intelligence is provided to travelers via web, SMS, email and in-app alerts throughout their journey.
  2. 24/7 on-demand advice on how to minimize and mitigate exposure when traveling within an impacted area.
  3. Advice on how to control movement, shelter in place and evacuate the affected area if possible.
  4. Access to interpreters to facilitate communications between customers and local personnel.
  5. Emergency message transmission to employers and loved ones regarding the status of customers directly impacted by the virus during travel.
  6. Coordination and liaison with host and home government entities to assist in facilitating the safe movement of customers in affected zones.
  7. In-direct medical assessments with local medical personnel that interact with customers directly impacted by the virus.
  8. Evacuate customers in impacted areas that are not under quarantine and/or symptomatic.

Busy AirportCustomers traveling in areas directly impacted by the Coronavirus that purchased CAP prior to the WHO declaring a global health emergency, would be eligible for assistance, up to and including evacuation for no additional costs.

Customers that purchased CAP for travel destinations not previously impacted by the Coronavirus, but became impacted during a qualifying period of travel (i.e., vacationing on a cruise ship that has no confirmed cases of Coronavirus, but suddenly undergoes a quarantined status, due to a person becoming symptomatic during the course of the cruise), would also be eligible for assistance, up to and including evacuation for no additional costs, once the customer(s) was cleared from quarantined status.

CAP customers who willingly travel to a destination directly impacted by the Coronavirus, after the WHO has declared a global health emergency and the host and/or home government has warned against ALL travel to the impacted area(s) would not be eligible for fully funded assistance.

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