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Three Important Travel Insurance Benefits

Couple infront of lake and mountains Three Travel Insurance Benefits You Should Know About

Travel insurance has played an important role for many vacationers seeking to manage the risks of traveling abroad. Truly anything can happen during travel, and even the most responsible and well-behaved traveler can experience a mishap that simply is out of their control. When a traveler must be hospitalized in a foreign country or needs emergency dental care, travel insurance provides a means for offering financial benefits that can reimburse clients for the costs associated with such mishaps.

At times travel insurance has been a lifesaver, providing financial relief to travelers who experienced a mishap that required care they simply could not otherwise afford. At other times, travel insurance has shown its limitations through exclusions listed in the fine print.

Travel Insurance: Three Benefits of Purchasing Travel Insurance Policies

Dentist Appointment 1. Travel Insurance Can Offer Reimbursement for Medical or Dental Expenses

Unexpected injuries and medical emergencies can occur during travel. Some travelers can face instances of violence and require a dental procedure or hospitalization. For these qualifying incidents, travel insurance has been incredibly helpful, offering a means for the customer to recover the costs of addressing unfortunate incidents that can happen during travel.

At other times when a client experiences an unexpected medical emergency such as a heart attack or stroke, if they do not have any pre-existing medical conditions, they could file a claim to be reimbursed for the costs of hospitalization. Truthfully, medical emergencies can be very expensive in a foreign country and could come with a number of complications. Some hospitals and healthcare facilities in exotic locations are not qualified to perform complex procedures. The customer will need to be returned home to receive the care they need. When a travel insurance provider includes coverage for emergency relocation and air ambulance services, it could ultimately save the customer tens of thousands of dollars that they would normally have to pay for out of pocket.

While these financial benefits are very important to customers, they aren’t always included in a policy, while exclusions and triggers could result in benefits being denied entirely.

Flight Delay 2. Address Trip Delays

With the nature of travel in 2022 and beyond, many travelers are facing unexpected delays due to flight cancelations, sudden illness, or staffing limitations at the airport or with airlines. Some policies may help to address the costs of such delays, offering to reimburse travelers for unexpected expenses.

In other cases, if a traveler must suddenly cancel their trip due to an unexpected medical emergency, travel insurance can reimburse the costs of the flight, hotel, or other accommodations. Each policy is unique, and many consumers have found value in “cancel for any reason” policies that are comprehensive in their nature.

Lost Luggage 3. Solutions for Lost Luggage

Lost luggage has grown to be an increasingly common problem facing North American travelers. International and domestic airports have become notorious for losing baggage. Arriving at a destination and discovering that your luggage has been lost can be a troubling experience. Travel insurance providers can step in to either recover your luggage or reimburse the costs of having to repurchase new clothes and valuables at your destination.

What an insurance provider is willing to reimburse for lost luggage varies between policies. However, many travelers generally find it beneficial in case their luggage is lost.

Travel Insurance Gaps Addressed by CAP

Travelers looking to ensure that there are no gaps in their travel insurance coverage are encouraged to explore “travel assistance,” which often includes response to a number of exclusions found in travel insurance policies. When travel insurance providers are unwilling to cover the costs of an air ambulance or emergency transportation service, CAP offers such services without any claims or reimbursement process.

FocusPoint International’s CAP Travel Medical and Security Assistance Plan comes with the robust CAP Advantage mobile app that includes destination-based health, safety and security intelligence, COVID-19-specific information, a one-touch assistance button, and much more.

The CAP Plan offers unlimited 24/7 advice for a long list of travel mishaps often overlooked by traditional travel insurance, including COVID quarantine cost coverage. It also provides a fully-funded response to incidents of riots, strikes, civil commotion, and natural disasters, with medical evacuation to a home hospital of choice, should you suffer from a medical mishap resulting in hospitalization.

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