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Travel Assistance Explained

What is Travel Assistance?

Rescue HelicopterTravel assistance is a term used worldwide, often related to medical emergency services when traveling. Although sometimes used interchangeably with the term travel insurance, the benefits you receive with a travel assistance program are different.

Travel Assistance Programs

Travel assistance programs usually cover the costs associated with travel concierge, emergency medical, and travel security assistance. Many plans do not require deductibles or claim forms, and coverage usually goes into effect once the traveler is at least 100 miles or more away from home.

Travel Assistance is a Necessary Investment 

Travel assistance programs have grown in popularity, primarily for emergency medical evacuations. However, security evacuations are becoming even more valuable to consumers for mishaps such as disasters, political unrest, criminal violence, and pandemic threats. Furthermore, the lack of emergency response services in travel insurance plans has now made travel assistance a necessary investment for many.

CAP Travel Assistance Plans offer a wide array of emergency medical, travel concierge, travel security, and travel tracking benefits.

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