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Travel to Germany Solo to Experience Art, Culture, and History

Germany Travel to Germany for a Unique International Travel Experience

Travel to Germany in 2022 to experience all that this great country has to offer, including nightlife, food, culture, and entertainment. Cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich are rich in German culture and historically known to be friendly to tourists from around the world. With extensive bus routes, expansive rail systems, and access to multiple major airports, Germany is truly a hub for the entire continent of Europe.

Solo travelers and backpackers will be delighted by the many sightseeing and entertainment options, including local music, historical monuments, and dance parties that never end. Rest easy knowing that Germany is an especially safe travel option for tourists from North America, including those who identify with LGBTQ+ travel communities.

Travel Germany: When Will I Be Able to Travel to Germany?

North American travelers can now visit Germany with very limited restrictions. As of June 2022, Germany has lifted almost all its travel restrictions that once included proof of vaccination and negative COVID-19 testing.

Germany is host to a multitude of international and domestic airports, with many travelers from North America able to fly directly into Frankfurt (FRA). This well-known airport is a major European hub and offers access to many other cities by bus or high-speed train. Local German rail systems are extensive, and travelers should be able to easily travel across multiple major cities with a simple day pass.

Germany Travel Germany: The Best Sightseeing and Entertainment

Germany is well-known for its extensive nightlife and music options, with many bars and clubs staying open well into the mornings. The country has incredibly liberal alcohol laws, and drinking in public is widely tolerated, even on public transit. As for dining, many of the major German cities offer a wide range of international food options, while roasted chestnuts, sausages, and pretzels are especially popular during Berlin’s Christmas markets.

Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate is widely considered one of the most popular options for sightseeing, while the Deutsches Museum in Munich is one of the world’s largest science and technology museums. Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg is also a unique destination, as its home to a massive miniature model city that includes a working rail system and a replica airport. Several small German towns are perfect for a road trip, including the stunning city of Bremen.

Germany is also a place that regularly celebrates art, especially street art. The East Side Gallery, which is a segment of the original Berlin Wall, now stands as a public art gallery that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Many German cities are home to exhibits that, according to local history, are original pieces from legendary street artist Banksy.

Travel Germany: Healthcare and Crime Statistics for Germany

Germany remains a modern country for healthcare, as all major cities are equipped to handle medical emergencies, including complex surgeries. Language barriers may pose an issue should a tourist require the services of a hospital, but English is commonly spoken in major cities.

Petty crimes such as pickpocketing and travel scams are common in Germany, especially in places frequented by tourists. Places like train stations and airports have been known to attract criminals who target vacationers unfamiliar with their surroundings. Never let anyone handle your luggage, and consider wearing a fanny pack or cross-body bag to hold your essential travel items. Street crime remains common but arises mostly in the form of vandalism and graffiti.

Tourists should feel comfortable in most major cities across Germany but should continue to use common sense and avoid traveling through isolated streets and alleys alone late at night.

Germany Travel Germany: Weather Considerations

Regarding weather, temperatures during the summer months are warm, and winters are cold. There is a relatively low chance of extreme weather across the country.

Travel Germany Alongside CAP

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