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What Happens to Senior Travelers When a Medical Emergency Occurs?

Seniors Sitting on Bench Senior Travelers Should Always Know the Fine Details of Their Coverage

Medical emergencies are never pleasant, but they are a reality that many senior travelers face. While travel insurance plays an important part, many snowbird travelers simply don’t understand what will happen should they experience a medical emergency during travel. Snowbird travel can be much more relaxing and enjoyable if you know what your policy entails and what it doesn’t.

With the right research, many senior travelers might be surprised at the limitations of travel insurance. A full read of the fine print of any traditional travel insurance policy will likely explain why snowbirds and seniors need so much more than what travel insurance has to offer. Many travel insurance policies fail to address a number of travel risks and only provide coverage on a reimbursement basis that is often complex and intentionally difficult to navigate.

CAP Tripside Assistance provides simplicity and peace of mind for senior travelers who may require a response to medical emergencies tied to natural disasters and so much more.

Hospital Beds What Happens When Seniors Experience a Medical Emergency During Travel?

Your travel insurance policy is likely able and willing to address some of the costs of hospitalization but not all; look for exclusions in the fine print of your policy. For less serious medical emergencies, a short stay at a healthcare facility will likely have to be paid out of your own pocket and later reimbursed through your insurer’s claims process.

For more complex medical emergencies, a foreign hospital may inform you that they are unable to provide adequate care and that you need to be returned to a hospital in your home country. Requiring the services of an air ambulance or an emergency hospital-to-hospital transfer is almost never covered by a travel insurance policy, ultimately leaving you to cover the costs out-of-pocket.

CAP Tripside Assistance addresses many of the gaps in travel insurance, including your policy’s limitations related to emergency transportation and medical evacuation. CAP Tripside Assistance is fully-funded, meaning that you pay one affordable fee upfront, with no surprise fees or complex claims processes. Should a medical emergency occur during travel, the CAP team will return you home safely at no additional cost.

Tropical Storm What Happens to Senior Travelers When a Natural Disaster Occurs?

It may surprise many snowbirds and senior travelers that their travel insurance policy is incredibly limited if they get caught up in a natural disaster. While travel insurance can provide reimbursement when you must cancel your trip because of a natural, being caught up in an unexpected flood, tornado, or hurricane is far more complex.

The occurrence of a serious natural disaster impacting your trip may require emergency transportation or evacuation services in order to ensure your safety. Should you need these services due to a natural disaster, most traditional travel insurance policies will be voided entirely. In these instances, senior travelers will be left to address the costs of injuries, hospitalization, and emergency transportation back home.

CAP Tripside Assistance actively works to address these fundamental issues with travel insurance, offering a fully-funded solution to the risks associated with travel and natural disasters. CAP Tripside Assistance customers experience a response to natural disasters that have impacted their travel arrangements. Whether you require an emergency medical evacuation, emergency relocation, or a hospital transfer, the travel specialists at CAP will actively monitor your situation and provide assistance for natural disasters of all kinds.

Senior Couple on Beach Senior Travelers and CAP Tripside Assistance

CAP Tripside Assistance is a game-changer for senior travelers and snowbirds, providing peace of mind that travel insurance is simply unable to offer. Rest easy knowing that should you require emergency transportation or evacuation, these services are available at no additional cost. Simply pay one small fee upfront and gain access to a number of benefits that can respond to medical emergencies and security assistance.

Purchase a travel product that compliments any existing travel insurance policies or as a stand-alone product. Contact us directly to learn more.