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International Travel in 2022: Guidance and Tips on Travel Insurance

Airport COVID-19Travel Insurance Plays an Important Role During Travel, But Might Not Be Enough Travel insurance, air travel, and international vacations are expected to evolve in 2022. COVID-19 offered endless challenges in 2021, and the new year will see much of the same, but with less uncertainty. The truth is that international travel can be safe in 2022, and with the proper research and care, you can be one step ahead of potential complications that may be in your path. With the right tools, research, and caution, leisure travel can be highly affordable, flexible, and meet the needs of what is the “new normal” of 2022.

Here are some predictions for international travel in 2022, along with guidance that every traveler can benefit from.

Travel Insurance, Fine Print, and Exemptions Every International Traveler Should Know

Travel insurance is set to be more complicated than ever in 2022. Many providers have adjusted their policies to address concerns related to COVID-19, but their offerings remain limited. Travel insurance companies can only provide so much in terms of coverage, speaking to the mishaps associated with canceled trips and lost luggage. Issues of potential hospitalizations related to COVID, air ambulance services, unexpected quarantines, and hospital-to-hospital transfers are typically left out of traditional travel insurance policies. In the event you need these services, you might have to pay out of your own pocket if they are excluded from your travel insurance policy.

In 2022, you should expect to take an even closer look at the fine print of your travel insurance policy, so you understand what you are purchasing. Alternative travel products are a great supplement to an existing travel insurance policy.

For instance, FocusPoint International’s CAP Travel Medical and Security Assistance Plan is an added layer of protection that includes response to many of the mishaps that are excluded in traditional travel insurance policies. CAP is a game-changer for many, addressing concerns such as hospital transfers, unexpected COVID quarantines, and destination-based health, safety, and security intelligence. Protect yourself and your family from any unpredicted mishap or massive bills with CAP.

Yoga BeachLooking Beyond Travel Insurance, Seek Out Flexibility The travel industry as a whole has had to reinvent itself to cater to the uncertainty that comes with traveling during the global pandemic. Variants still present risks, and “cancel for any reason” policies should be the norm for anyone looking to travel internationally.

Hotel chains have rethought their approach, offering rooms that include more amenities, kitchenettes, and work-from-home business travel options to encourage longer stays. Airlines have also begun to rethink business class, providing affordable options that allow more customers to gain a little bit of privacy without the traditional costs that were once associated with “first-class.” Aside from wide-ranging cancelation policies, new airlines are slowly emerging that allow anyone to travel on a budget. It’s a buyer’s market for those who wish to travel internationally; shop around, save money, and take advantage of offerings that may not last forever.

Travel Insurance Aside, Expect an Emphasis on the Great Outdoors

Busy cities, packed theme parks, and indoor events simply don’t have the same appeal to tourists as they once did. Travel agencies and providers know that the great outdoors is expected to take center stage in 2022. Outdoor sports, including mountain biking, skiing, and kayaking, are primed for a surge in popularity, and adventure travel providers will be offering much more fresh air options than indoor experiences.

National parks, camping, and private RV trips are becoming more appealing to vacationers, offering a little extra space when needed most. Rental cars and campers are expected to be in hot demand, along with outdoor and eco-tourism being the biggest trend in international travel. Should you have an interest in experiencing the great outdoors this travel season, book now with flexible cancelation policies to beat the expected rush in bookings.

COVID TestTravel Insurance, Testing, and Restrictions: COVID Isn’t Over Yet The COVID-19 pandemic is unfortunately not over, and many international travelers should expect to face a wide range of testing and vaccination requirements. Even countries that have lifted testing requirements may have a change of heart, as variants present risks to even the fully vaccinated.

Expect the same travel complications in 2022 as we had in 2021, and take extra caution so that you aren’t faced with an unexpected mishap or delay. Travel restrictions could emerge in the middle of your vacation, forcing you to seek out testing, quarantine unexpectedly, or delay your return home. Further, travel insurance policies may not be willing to cover the costs of a COVID quarantine or hospital transfer, and if they are, it’s on a reimbursement basis.

Go Beyond Travel Insurance with CAP, by FocusPoint International

Now is the time to take the extra step to ensure you and your family’s safety during international travel.

FocusPoint International’s CAP Travel Medical and Security Assistance Plan comes with a robust mobile app that includes destination-based health, safety, and security intelligence, COVID-19 specific information, a one-touch assistance button, and much, much more.

The CAP Plan offers unlimited 24/7 advice for a long list of travel mishaps often overlooked by traditional travel insurance, including COVID quarantine cost coverage. It also provides a fully-funded response to incidents of riots, strikes, civil commotion, and natural disasters, with medical evacuation to a home hospital of choice, should you suffer from a medical mishap resulting in hospitalization.

Contact us directly to learn more about available solutions for the international traveler eager to get out and experience the world in 2022.